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$ 275.00

Drina is not a toy & she's not meant for children.

She's intended for adult collectors only.

She is one of a kind.

Drina's outfit is made up of a handmade black filigree dress with pink vintage inspired lace.

She has many embellishments including lace, resin rose cabochons, metal butterflies, tiny ribbon flowers, etc.

Her face is hand painted and distressed resin and she has spiral glass eyes.

Her main colors are black, gray & blush pink.

She's about 12" tall from head to toe.

Hand cut wooden base is 5" in width.

She stands permanently on her base and she is not removable.

Drina's body & base of clothing were machine stitched and all the rest of her awesome elements were stitched by hand and attached with adhesive.

Her hair is made up of loose buns and braids and it is rose pink hues. You may have to readjust her hair when she arrives, due to riding in a box on a bumpy trip. Happens to all of us... It is not able to be re styled.

Do not wet Drina because she is handmade and has paints and other mediums on her that will get ruined.  What a mess that'd be! She prefers to stay very far away from showers & pools.

Hand painted, distressed-aged body and clothing.

Not for children.

Acceptable for adult collectors only. 

This item is handmade, unique and special. It has imperfections and is not mass produced in a factory. Please see all photos before purchasing.

Keep in mind that everyone's monitors/device screens are different and while I try my best to keep the photo colors as accurate as possible, these products wont be as bright and high contrast/saturated as the end photography compared to real life natural lighting. Still an awesome item but without the indoor lighting. :)

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