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$ 150.00

Handmade, one of a kind fabric art doll.

Selene has on a cute little dotted Moon patch dress with matching bow and stockings.

She's about 14.5" tall.


She can be propped up against a vase, sat on a bookshelf, etc.

She's very lightweight.

Selene's body was machine stitched and all the rest of her awesome elements were stitched by hand. 

Her hair is long, black & gray, brushed yarn. Style it how you'd like, but don't brush too hard or it'll come falling out. It's hand stitched & glued into her scalp but not made for rigorous brushing.

She has cute button eyes and a striped, safety-pin hair bow.

Her jewelry and trinkets are attached with adhesive.

Do not wet Selene because she is brushed with water soluble "makeup" products.  What a mess that'd be! She prefers to stay away from showers & pools.

She is only created to sit on display on your shelf or desk.

Not for children.

Acceptable for adult collectors only. 

This item is handmade, unique and special. It has imperfections and is not mass produced in a factory. Please see all photos before purchasing.

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