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Patrick is not a toy & he's not meant for children.

He's intended for adult collectors only.

Newspaper bundle & other side trinkets not included with this listing as they are photo props only.

Patrick's outfit is made up of tons of patches all sewn together to give him a sp00ky voodoo look!

He's hand painted and distressed to make him look really aged! (Even though I'd guess he's at least a hundred years old.)

He's about 13" tall with all that hair!


He must be propped up against a vase, sat on a bookshelf, etc. His little legs need to be crossed a tiny bit because he likes to fall over.  - Sometimes I wrap some wire around the neck, make a loop in the back, and hang these art-dolls on the wall.

He's very lightweight.

Patrick's body was machine stitched and all the rest of his awesome elements were stitched by hand. 

His arms are stitched into place around the stuffed heart.

His hair is long, black & brown, brushed yarn. You can manipulate the style a little, but don't brush or poke around too hard or it'll come falling out. It's hand stitched & glued into his scalp but not made for rigorous brushing.

He has cute button eyes and an adorable little stuffed, stitched heart with real pins in it, so be careful when handling him!

Do not wet Patrick because he is brushed with water soluble "makeup" products.  What a mess that'd be! He prefers to stay very far away from showers & pools.

Not for children.

Acceptable for adult collectors only. 

This item is handmade, unique and special. It has imperfections and is not mass produced in a factory. Please see all photos before purchasing.

Keep in mind that everyone's monitors/device screens are different and while I try my best to keep the photo colors as accurate as possible, these products wont be as bright and high contrast/saturated as the end photography compared to real life natural lighting. Still an awesome item but without the indoor lighting. :)

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